Organics On A Budget…Why And How



What we eat becomes us.  The food goes in and every bit of that food is used for a function of our body.  That is how we grow and change.  We are what we eat.  If we eat toxic food, our body becomes just that toxic and sick.

Going organic is one of the most effective ways to drastically improve your health and the health of our planet.

Herbicides, pesticides and fungicides are all poisons designed to kill the insects, mould or bacteria that may damage the plants and produce.  The only problem is those poisons damage our bodies too.  The sprays permeate into the produce, making them systemically ridden with chemicals, so even washing your conventional veggies and fruit will not wash away these toxins.

Organically grown plants have innate mechanisms designed to help them protect themselves from pests.  When a plant is left to grow on its own accord and not sprayed with pesticides, the plant creates substances within itself to help ward off pests.  These substances often behave as antioxidants when humans consume them.

So eating organic is not just about what you miss out on (pesticides) but also what you get (antioxidants).




For buying organic food in bulk you would need to organise a food co-op. This is when a group of you buy in bulk in order to obtain wholesale prices.

Being in a food co op is a wonderful experience.  It brings your community of friends closer together.  Ordering beautiful organic food and coming together to collect your orders is a very soul enriching experience.  Completely the opposite to shopping in the supermarket where you are surrounded by processed food, rush, hustle and bustle and bright lights.    It’s not only a wonderful way to fuel your family with nutrient dense, clean and affordable food, but food co-ops also connect you with friends, makes you truly grateful and over the moon when your pantry and fridge is overflowing with goodness.

It’s a wonderful feeling to have collected armfuls of organic goodness, talked and laughed with your friends while the little ones are eating peaches and playing around your feet.

You will very rarely have to step foot in a supermarket once you have your food co-op and market days sorted and that alone is a blessing!

Supporting organic allows you to choose the sort of world you want for your kids, a world you believe in.  When more of us choose organics the demand increases and that my friends is hugely influential for our beautiful planet and everything in nature.

So get a small group of like-minded friends together say 3 or 4 of you.  Order monthly from Ceres and every two weeks from Purefresh and shop every Sunday at your market.  By doing this you will be well on your way to having exceptional health and inspiring your friends and family too.

I recommend these organic food providers…

The minimum order is $500 per order … so if say 4 of you purchased together you could spend $125 each a month and buy bulk nuts, seeds, dates, coconut, coconut oil, peanut butter etc
There are literally hundreds of products available (everything jarred, canned and in packets that you’d find in a health food store)
You don’t have to order every month. The prices are half of that in the organic shops, making buying organic cheaper than conventional produce.
Generally you would all take turns placing the order and accepting the delivery to your house. It’s actually such a lovely way to buy food, all together with your friends.

FRUIT AND VEGGIES                                                                                  An organic provider of fruit and veggies. Again you have to buy in bulk so for example cucumbers would come in a box of 25 so you would share that between 4 of you (or more) and order every two weeks.

for organic chicken. You do need to have this delivered to a food shop i.e. a cafe or similar. This one obviously requires contacts in hospitality to get these products.
for organic meat, lamb, beef etc similar specifications apply.

for bulk frozen berries.

In fact majority of distributors are more than happy to provide their products to co-ops in bulk i.e. Eco Store, Wild caught salmon,  Fermented Cod-liver Oil and Vitamin C etc

For ordering in a group I’d recommend using a google doc’s spread sheet so you can all order online, its updated as you go and you can all see it.

It’s also a good idea to create a Facebook group for your co-op i.e. “Hot mammas food co-op”.   The link to the spreadsheet can be pinned to top of the feed.  You can all converse easily about orders, payments and pickups.



GREENS / VEGGIES                                                                                 Buy from markets every Sunday.                                                                  Here you can buy tomatoes, peas, beans, honey, eggs, beetroot, corriander, cabbage, parsley, spinach, kale, greens for juicing and salads, in season fruit, raw milk/butter…etc all organic or spray free.

The health benefits of eating organic produce lovingly grown and harvested the day before are tremendous.

It’s also a lovely experience to be part of the market vibe…everyone is friendly and upbeat.  Not only that but it is a great experience for children to connect with the food they’re buying and eating, meeting the people who grew it, fostering gratitude and knowledge.

Nourish runs monthly market tours at Browns Bay Market.

So there we go, go forth and prosper….change the world, nourish your family and reclaim your happiness.

Thanks for reading



Abby Soares
Registered Nurse | Nutritionist | Health Coach
Nourish Holistic Health & Nutrition
4735311 | 0272766268 | | 

2 thoughts on “Organics On A Budget…Why And How

  1. Great ideas. I love how you provide the ‘why’ and also the ‘how’ – sometimes we know what we should do but not how to get started. Garden produce swaps with a friend are always good too (usually happen on a smaller scale). I always have too much of one kind of vege at once – it’s always nice to swap with a friend / family. x

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