Linda’s Gardening Tips | Starting your first vege garden – Part 3 (Spring)


Well it is nearly spring!

It is obvious when you look at the gardens around you. Plants are coming in to leaf and even the silver beet leaves have started to grow a little bigger!

Today I would like to talk about seeds.

The plants whole reason for being is to set seeds. Surprisingly the plant does not grow for us to eat it!

A good on line shop to purchase organic seeds is Kings Seeds (

The seed companies since the 1950’s have been manipulating seeds to make the vegetables grow bigger and better at the expense of the nutrients.

To ensure nutrient dense seeds choose organic seeds and heritage seeds and they will nourish you and your family.

seeds 2

Seeds have a dusty layer on them called phytic acid.  This acid is there to ensure that the seed grows at the right time of year and in the right circumstances. This phytic acid is an anti nutrient to humans. This means that it stops the human gut up taking nutrients such as magnesium, selenium, boron etc and these nutrients are deficient in New Zealand soils already so the little of these nutrients you do eat is being blocked.

All seeds that are consumed should be soaked prior to eating or cooking. The phytic acid then changes to phytase acid which does not inhibit the uptake if nutrients.

Seeds are a very cheap way to grow your vegetables. Another cheaper way of sowing seeds is to save your own seeds. Always let one plant go to seed. When the seed head turns brown it is ready to harvest. Put in a paper bag and store until ready. The seeds have a usable life of about a year if stored this way.

Happy Gardening

Linda x


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