Starting your first vege garden | August 2014

vege garden

STARTING FROM SCRATCH – Starting off your first vegetable garden

We are soooooo incredibly lucky to have Linda Christian a very talented organic gardener join the Nourish team to give us all advise and inspiration on getting our own vege gardens cranking!

Linda is a Health Coach, Nutritionist and has a Psychology/Social Work Degree.  Linda works in the area of mental health and has an amazing knowledge around optimal mental health and how food affects how we think and feel.  She has run two huge organic gardens and been on the certification board for Organics NZ.  Her own vege garden is amazing to say the least!

To top it all off she’s my beautiful Mum!!! She has 3 kids, I’m the oldest at 36, my brother is next at 35 and my little sis is turning 30 in November.  Linda is such a devoted Grandmother to her 4 grandsons and is always making then beautiful nourishing food from her garden, baking with them and reading them stories.

I’m so stoked to be able to share her VAST amount of knowledge with you all x

This week we’re staring off with the basics and will provide you with step by step information on how to get have your own Organic Vege Garden producing enough food for your family…..

August Gardening:

Why garden? Because you can trust the food to be free from toxins and for the food you eat to be nutrient dense.

Toxic and nutrient poor foods are two major reasons for the illnesses that modern man is plagued with.

New Zealand potatoes for example can have 25 toxins applied in their growing life. Potatoes and all root crops are “storage organs” so they are designed to store nutrients for the plant to reproduce – consequently crops retain all the toxins that are put on them and we eat them!

Start with a small garden. Dig the soil. Dig all waste vegetables and waste paper products in to the ground.

Start sowing seeds in a tray for spring. This is very cheap and easy way to grow plants. Have some potting mix, some soil, sprinkle the seeds over the soil and cover lightly more potting mix.


Any gardening questions to Linda at lgchristianson@


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