Breaking up with COFFEE …..4 reasons why we need to do it

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BREAKING UP WITH COFFEE…… 4 reasons why you need to do it

I’ve had my fair share of coffee addiction. Surprisingly, I never touched the stuff until we had our second baby. Having a new bubba and a 2 year old who was a regular night visitor I found it all a bit of a shock to the system! Exhaustion got the better of me and I reached out to what I thought would give me a bit more energy….coffee. Little did I know there is no substitute for sleep and that drinking coffee would make me more tired than I was before!


1. Coffee contains caffeine which when ingested triggers our fight flight response. This means every time we have a coffee and for several hours afterwards we are running on adrenaline and or cortisol, these are our stress hormones. The stress hormones instruct our body to use glucose as fuel from our muscles (as opposed to fat which is our primary and preferred energy source). Glucose is only meant to be used to get us out of danger quickly and is not meant to be used as an energy source day in and day out. In fact there is such a limited supply of glucose that if you’ve been drinking several coffees throughout the day by the afternoon you have next to no glucose left and so you are completely exhausted as there is no energy source left! Your body starts sending out the message that it needs sugar….its desperate to replace the glucose that has been lost. This in turn makes us reach out to alcohol or nail a whole packet of chocolate biscuits! This extra glucose in your system then triggers insulin to be released. Insulin is our biggest fat storing hormone, it turns sugar in to glucose for our muscles, but whatever is left over it stores as fat. You can see how this cycle makes us reach out to food that doesn’t serve our health! If you are trying to lose weight then stopping coffee consumption is the first thing to do. You can eat salads and vegetable sticks till the cows come home but if you are still drinking coffee you are always going to be burning glucose and not going to be burning fat efficiently. Stopping coffee consumption allows your body to do what it is meant to do and use fat as fuel.

2. Back to the poor adrenal glands….they are designed to release adrenaline when we are in danger to get us out of a situation stat……generally speaking we wouldn’t be fearing for our lives day in day out, maybe the odd brush with death every day or two for 15 minutes at a time but not on a constant basis! There is only so much adrenaline our adrenal glands can pump out before they start getting fatigued (all too common with so many women they days). We use coffee as a pick me up but in fact it is doing the complete opposite to our bodies, causing us to have adrenal fatigue. This is deep unrelenting fatigue and can lead to so many health issues such as anxiety, high blood pressure, sleep issues, mineral deficiency and thyroid issues just to name a few.

3. When the fight flight response is triggered from coffee consumption your biochemical state puts all of its resources into saving your life rather than into what are considered non vital processes, processes inside you that nourish skin, hair, nails and allow reproductive systems to work optimally. Over time the lack of resources such as nutrients, available to these so called non vital processes have significant consequences internally and externally. Your skin nails and hair won’t receive the nutrients and other substances they need to look their best. Basically coffee dulls your beauty.

4. Coffee congests the liver hindering our body’s detoxification process. The liver is responsible for excreting oestrogen and cholesterol among many other things. If the liver is congested these products instead of getting excreted they get dropped back into circulation, causing high oestrogen and high cholesterol i.e. heavy painful periods, weight gain, low mood and high blood pressure just to name a few.


When you decide to stop, be prepared to get a headache as the withdrawal process happens. This usually lasts a day or two depending on your coffee intake. Drink plenty of water and rest as much as possible.

Change to herbal or green tea. Decaffeinated coffee is usually chemically treated so stick to drinks that serve your health and provide benefits to your body.

Note: caffeinated drinks such as coke zero/coke/diet coke & energy drinks are just as bad if not worse than coffee.

Good luck, breaking up with caffeine it is so worth it!



x x x


If you would to read more about this then I thoroughly recommend,

‘Beauty from the inside out’ by Dr Libby Weaver

‘Eat less live long’ by Jason Shon Bennett.


Abby Soares
Registered Nurse | Nutritionist | Health Coach
Nourish Holistic Health & Nutrition Ltd

7 thoughts on “Breaking up with COFFEE …..4 reasons why we need to do it

  1. Fantastic article, explained in a way even I can understand! I’ve been off coffee now thanks to you for 2 months now, and feel like a fog has been lifted from my head! Thank you!

  2. Know all the above but so hard at work and on night shifts!! Ahhhhh. Need to rely on my green juice more and use coffee as more a treat on weekends rather than something to get me through the morning 😉 Keep up the awesome work hun!

    • Hi Nicky…. I so know that feeling! I take green juice on nights, its a life saver, I always make myself a big salad and raw baking to take and some soaked seeds (linseed and chia to fill me up). I also drink hot water and lemon, that helps too. Once you break free of it you really don’t feel like you need it anymore….Its just our brains telling us that we do! x x x Thanks for all your encouragement. Love your posts and beautiful food you make too x x

  3. Hey, great read!! But quick question… how bad is tea? I’ve always loved tea and can’t start my morning without it! To give up both I think would kill me hahaha 🙂
    Thanks sophie

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